Canoeing in Frymburk – how to

Thanks to its location, Lipno is a very popular place for water sports, which is visited by many active sport lovers. Among many others, canoeing is one of the attractions that should be explored in Frymburk and around it.

Frymburk, Lipno.

Great weather conditions will allow for a perfect ride not only on a canoe, but for example on a sailboat, or try windsurfing. In the vicinity of Frymburk you will find almost 50 rentals, where you can rent a canoe, if you do not own one and wish to indulge in a unique experience.

How to ride a canoe?

Are you going to try it for the first time? Never mind, but do not forget to dress properly. In cooler weather it is advisable to wear neoprene suit and warmer clothing. Whether you go out with children or not, definitely do not forget the floating vest that will protect you from drowning.


The crew consists of a hook and a helmsman, both have a very important position. The hook decides on the direction the canoe throws, the helmsman is in charge of a safe and carefree ride. If these two do not cooperate, it only suggests that they fall into the water, which is especially the case of the worse rivers.

Devils Extreme Race.

In the vicinity of Frymburk, beginners who do not have a lot of experience with canoeing can enjoy the canoe without any worries. Enjoy the beautiful scenery around the South Bohemian Sea. Frymburk and its surroundings are also rich in various sights. And after such an exhaustive day you are welcome for a rest in our hotel in Frymburk.

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Dmitriy Chursin

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